Seriously, that is a serious problem

Talking about 'putting a woman in her place' makes me uncomfortable, even if that woman is an obnoxious, bigoted Republican. Rephrase, please?

"I know plenty of people who have "serious person" type jobs and are also able to have facial piercings, tattoos, unconventional hairstyles, etc. Granted, I work in a creative field, but seriously - I know doctors and lawyers with nose piercings."

But how many state representatives and lobbyists do you know with nose piercings? :)

Évery student ought to be protected no matter who they are or what they wear. At the same time, people who adopt a counterculture aesthetic (like facial piercings) shouldn't be surprised to discover that they have difficulty functioning in settings where traditional cultural mores regarding appearance and behavior are strongly enforced (ie, government) (and schools - hell, we wouldn't *need* anti-bullying legislation if people who didn't 'fit in' weren't held in contempt). I have to agree with Mitchforth: a lobbyist who dresses in a way that he/she knows is likely to offend conservative politicians isn't being a very good lobbyist (unless having conservatives take offense is the entire point of the exercise).