I probably don't want your job

If a representative is so superficial that she can't listen to someone because she doesn't like how they look SHE is the one doing a poor job. She works for ALL of her constituents, whether they voted for her or not.

And I just have to speak out against criticizing republican women for their appearance. They provide plenty of fodder for criticizing substantial things without criticizing them for their clothes.

These are not professional lobbyists. They are students advocating for themselves, and they deserved respect, not more bullying. By publically speaking about them as digusting and offensive to look at, bullying is exactly what Cunningham is doing. I would still disagree with her if she had described them as dressed inappropriately, but that would be a slightly better response.

My mother is a professor at a university. She's very conservative about some things, like piercings other than earrings. She will complain in private at home about them, and will tease students about them (which I don't agree with, but she isn't mean about it), but she NEVER refuses to take them seriously and certainly never refuses to discuss their class work or grades because of them. Because she is there to help them, and she understands that.