It's not like it's anybody's business

I didn't realize that elected officials only represented the specific individuals who voted for them.

I should totally use that to avoid paying my taxes this year. I mean, I didn't vote for the Bush Administration - why should I pay to support it or follow the policies set out by that particular branch of government?

If you show up dressed inappropriately for a job interview or a meeting like this, and you don't get considered as a result, that's not bigotry. If you want to be taken seriously, you should dress, speak and act like a serious person.

Which is funny, because I know plenty of people who have "serious person" type jobs and are also able to have facial piercings, tattoos, unconventional hairstyles, etc. Granted, I work in a creative field, but seriously - I know doctors and lawyers with nose piercings.

Times change. There was a time when women in pants were considered "inappropriately dressed" for business. There was a time when a man with hair longer than his ears risked losing out in a job interview. Basic facial piercings (as well as dreadlocks, some tattoos, etc) are next on the list.